Feed Your Soul, Fuel Your life.


Intuitive Eating, Living and Beyond.

My mission is to help create a world where women feel empowered to embrace every inch of their bodies so they can break through the barriers of diet culture, feel confident, and connected in who they are, and make space for the things that truly matter and the lives they are meant to live.

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My Wish for Women.


I want to live in a world where all women walk through life knowing that their body is worthy of love, worthy of health, worthy of being seen and embraced. I also want women to know that it’s okay to not always love their body. But body appreciation, body trust, body respect, body kindness, is where I want us all to be. The idea that we treat our body with respect and care. That we appreciate our bodies for waking us up in the morning, for going to work, walking our dog, hugging our loved ones, traveling across the country, giving birth to a child, or simply for being our body. Because when we work with our bodies, instead of against them, there is an entirely new world of possibilities for finding real, authentic connection with ourselves and with the people and places around us that truly make our lives meaningful.

What is an Intuitive Eater?

Imagine a life where you can eat without restrictions, without the guilt and shame. A life where we move our bodies because we love them, not to punish them or make them smaller. A life that has space to fuel your passions instead of wasting energy on calorie-counting, over-exercising, and negative self-talk. A life where the size of our body does not determine our health or our worth. The messages from diet culture make this hard to believe, but I promise you life is SO much better when you throw away the scale.

Intuitive eaters have unconditional permission to eat any and all foods without apology by relying on their own unique internal cues of hunger and satiety. They are the experts on their own body. By making food and movement choices based on what feels good in our body rather than what we think we should eat (hello diet culture!), we’re able to truly satisfy our cravings - food, body, mind and beyond.


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Girl, let’s talk.

If you’ve ever told yourself you can’t have ice cream, or birthday cake, or pizza or [insert your favorite food here], because you think that those foods will make you gain weight, and thus make you “bad” –  I’m here for you.

If you’ve ever cancelled dinner plans with your friends because you’re afraid the menu doesn’t have anything “paleo-friendly,” or you ate beforehand so you wouldn’t be tempted, even though this tactic inevitably failed because the entire dinner you’re thinking, “what about just one bite?” instead of being present and enjoying your friends company - I’m here for you.

If you wake up every morning feeling exhausted but think if you don’t go to gym and burn “x” number of calories, your entire day is ruined - I’m here for you.

If you feel that the most important part about you as a woman is your body - I’m here for you.

If you’ve given up the deliciousness that are carbohydrates on a mission to “eat clean” but girl really just wants a donut - I’m 100% here for you.

If you are frustrated with the constant struggles dieting brings, tired of the negativity and the comparison, and ready to see what else is out there beyond MyFitnessPal - I have been there, and I am here for you.

Your mind, your body, your spirit is deserving of SO MUCH MORE than focusing all of your energy on making yourself smaller. Life does not start when you reach a certain size - life is happening right now and it’s waiting for you to jump back in. I’ve given diet culture the middle finger, you wanna join me?

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In this free, 45-minute session we will…

  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from having the confidence in your body and the connection in your life that you want

  • Develop a powerful vision for what ditching diets and finally enjoying food and your body will mean to you and your life

  • Discover what’s discouraging you from doing the things that give you energy, lift you up, and bring you joy

  • Get a crystal-clear, step-by-step plan to create a positive relationship with food, movement, and your body without the restriction, guilt, shame, and judgment that diet culture brings.