The Free Facebook Community.

Feed Your Soul, Fuel Your Life: The Free + Private Facebook Community.


Feed Your Soul, Fuel Your Life is a free + private Facebook community for women to learn how to listen to and respect their bodies, develop a positive relationship with food + exercise, and learn how to love themselves from the inside out through Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size (HAES) practices. 

It’s named “Feed Your Soul, Fuel Your Life” after my signature one-on-one coaching program where I work with women to break through the barriers of diet culture, make peace with food + movement, and establish a true connection and confidence in their body and their life so they can make space for what truly matters.

Why was it created?

Feed Your Soul, Fuel Your Life was inspired by a podcast I listened to that was all about our birthright as humans to feel safety, love, and belonging. I realized that people may (or may not) feel that in their lives, but most of us do not feel those things in our body. So, this Facebook community will not only act as a safe space in your life, provide connection to others, and offer love and support, but it will also provide the tools and resources needed to begin your own journey to self-love and body positivity.

I know how essential Intuitive Eating and HAES has been in my life – my self-love journey, my health journey, and my journey to creating my dream life – so, my mission is to spread this message as far and wide as possible and to inspire other women to do the same.

Who is it for?

  • This group is for women of all ages and all backgrounds who feel like the way they feel about themselves and their body is holding them back from living the life they want to live.

  • It’s for the woman who wants to learn how to take care of herself and live a healthy life that comes from a place of self-love & connection instead of guilt and shame, and control.

  • It’s for the woman who wants to feel connected and confident in her body and in her life.

  • It’s for the woman who wants a safe, judgment-free space to speak up about her struggles with body image, food, movement, and more.

  • It’s for the woman who’s tired of the body shaming, comparison, scale-watching, calorie-counting and restriction.

  • It’s for the woman who wants to love herself but doesn’t know where to start.

  • Honestly, this group is meant for so many, and I know the tools, resources, and mindset shifts you gather from this content, community, and connection will change your life… because I’ve been there and it’s completely changed mine.

How does it work?

I go into the Facebook group live every Tuesday (unless otherwise specified!) talking about a specific topic in the realm of Intuitive Eating, HAES, body positivity, self-love, health, and relationship to food, exercise, and our bodies.

My goal is to get the feedback of the group in what y’all need support with to fuel the content for these weekly lives. If nothing is coming to mind, I have plenty of topics to share, don’t worry :)

I’ll also do a weekly check-in with the group. This will be a post in the group asking what we’re celebrating this week (tell me the good stuff!) and also a post asking what you need support with.

I’ll be offering resources and tools that I’ve learned through my own Intuitive Eating journey, as well as what I’ve learned through coaching clients one-on-one.

*Note: I will not be offering individual one-on-one coaching through this group. If you’re interested in private coaching, please schedule a free breakthrough session with me.

When does it start?

We kicked off Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 and are still going strong! You don’t have to join from day one though, fabulous women join the group each week!

Where do I join?

Glad you asked. Head to or click on the button below.

Can’t wait to see you there!